Our shop is run by award-winning tattoo artists that draw exceptional tattoos in both color and black and white. We don’t specialize in just one kind of tattoo and instead offer a range of styles to our clients. We will collaborate with you to make sure the design on your body exactly matches your vision.


Body jewelry is a great form of self-expression and we want to provide the best quality possible. We offer piercings on different areas of the body including the face, ears, and nose. Our artists make sure to sanitize all surfaces and piercing needles in between uses to ensure the safety of our clients.

After Care & Cover-Ups

We understand that tattoos unfortunately don’t always turn out the way you would like. We provide cover-ups that can make a regretful decision into a beautiful new design. Our tattoo artists will also provide you with the aftercare knowledge and supplies that will ensure your tattoo is properly cared for during its healing stage.