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Aftercare instructions for tattoos

- Take off the bandage and clean with soap and water

- Do not apply ointment until the next morning

- Applying a very thin layer of ointment is all that's needed

- Reapply the ointment in the same fashion, a few times a day,

 for 2 days

- On days to follow, switch to a good moisturizing, white skin

 lotion that does not have any fragrance, additives, or aloe

- Feel free to wash your new tattoo with moisturizing soap, and

 water throughout the entire healing process


If these instructions are followed, your new tattoo should be healed properly within 2 weeks time. If any irritation or burning occurs, STOP using all products and just use soap and water. In Your Face Tattooz urges you never to use Vaseline, Preparation H, or peroxide on your new tattoo, despite what others may recommend. If you have any questions or concerns about your tattoo or piercings, don’t hesitate calling us.


Tattoo aftercare

is important!

If you have questions about the aftercare of your tattoo or piercing, give us a call today!

Proper aftercare of your tattoo or piercing is important during the healing stages. Please follow our care instructions to reduce the risk of infection.

Take care of your new tattoo

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